First Holy Communion Portraits in Miami-

Your child’s First Holy Communion is a special time in their lives why not capture this moment with a beautiful and timeless portrait by Barquin Photography.

First Communion Portraits may be photographed in our beautiful studio or on the location of your choice.  Please give our studio a call for a no obligation consultation today at 305.984.8028.

Mother’s Day- The perfect gift!

Mother’s day is just right around the corner. I know, I know, it sneaks up on you fast. Well at least you didn’t forget and end up missing it. You still have some time to plan.

So what are you going to get your Mom for Mother’s Day?

Sure flowers are okay, but we both know that’s the lazy way out. C’mon, this is the woman who gave birth to you. Suffered for countless hours, worried endlessly, and she let you live through your teenage years (even though sometimes you didn’t deserve it). You cannot give her a gift that will be dead two day later.
This is the woman that loves you unconditionally. You have to put some thought in to her present this year, especially after all those years of handmade cards.

We both know your hand made cards were never really that great.

Think a little bit.

Does anyone else smell smoke?

I can see you are struggling. Can I make a suggestion?

All mothers love photos of their kids; I will guarantee your that family portrait will never be forgotten. She will know that you really took the time to get her something she wants. Plus, a family portrait is still easy to arrange. All you have to do is make a phone call to your local photographer. At most you’ll have to send a couple of emails to your siblings, but you will have a gift that will bring tears to your mom’s eyes.

Portraits are timeless, one size fits all, and they never where out. As a matter of fact, a family portrait is the only gift that you can give that is priceless.

Show your mom how much you love her. Make a memory this year.

To make it even easier, give Barquin Photography a call and we will prepare a beautiful personalized gift certificate for you to give mom on mother’s day.

Give us a call today at 305.984.8028 you won’t be sorry!

Beautiful First Communion Photography-Miami

It is incredible that we are once again approaching our First Communion season.  Throughout the Christmas break we have recieved many inquiries about First Communion Sessions.   This is a great time to start planning for these special portraits.  If your son our daughter is doing their First Holy Communion in Spring 2013 it is never to early to start planning.  These photos will be perhaps one of the most important since they were babies.   As the communions get closer it is a bit more difficult to book your appointments so call our studio early for the best available times.   Barquin Photography is known for it’s Exclusive First Communion Prayer Books and our custom designed keepsakes. 


Professional Head Shots: Important In The New Economy, Miami Photographer

Once upon a time, head shots were almost exclusively used by realtors, actresses, and other specialized professionals with which presenting an image to a potential employer was an absolute necessity.  Now, however, they’re widely used by job seekers, everyday professionals, and those who maintain an online presence as part of earning their living.  In this new business climate, professional head shots have become necessary for those of us who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


With the proliferation of social networking, our lives have become more complicated.  Websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are not only used to communicate our favorite recipes or chat with friends, but also serve as gateways through which we can meet new clients and employers.  With this in mind, it is necessary for us to present a positive image of ourselves.  While a well-written resume or personal statement is certainly a prerequisite for accomplishing this goal, these have become so commonplace that there is need for something else, something more personal.  That is where a professional head shot can really add the perfect touch to an already polished online image.


Head shots are particularly important if you’re seeking out work, such as the case with many new college graduates and the recently laid off.  In our new economy, where jobs are less prevalent and employers can be more picky, job seekers must employ every tactic they can think of to separate themselves from the lot of other applicants.  For one position, there may be well over a hundred different applicants, all vying for work.  Because of this, you should strive to present as professional of an image as you can, and that means having a professionally photographed head shot attached to your application.


Employers, clients, human resource agents, and potential partners all enjoy being able to place a name to a face.  With the right clothes, your best smile, and an agreeable personality captured by the right photographer, you can control your image and wield it to your advantage.  Employees are expected more than ever today to market themselves and their skills to clients and employers.  While it is easy enough to gloss over the customary resume, a head shot is something that will always draw attention.  Whether you intend to use a photograph on your favorite social networking site or for trying to find work, honing your image to where you control what is projected will place you ahead of the competition and increase your likelihood of success.


For an appointment at Barquin Photography for your professional headshot please call our studio at 305.984.8028 or visit our website at:


Executive Portraits, Corporate Head Shots, Miami Photographer

Image is Everything!

Now till September 30th 2012, Barquin Photography is offering a promotion for Executive Portraits.  Realtors, bankers, mortgage brokers and attorneys are just some of the professionals that will greatly benefit from using their portrait on their marketing materials.  Have you ever run into a business card that was given to you a few months later and you cannot remember who or where you got the card from?  Using a professional head shot on your business card will put a face to your business.   Business cards with pictures are proven to be kept longer than those without any images.

Take advantage of our promotion for only $179 Barquin Photography will take images, instantly review the session, select your image order, and have you out the door in under an hour!  Session include 2 retouched digital images for your unlimited use.   For only $79 more, Barquin Photography will design and print 1000 full color business cards to include your new portrait.

Appointments are limited so calltoday 305.984.8028 for availability.


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